My wife is a floss tuber and that’s cool.

If you don’t know, floss tube is a little corner of YouTube where people talk about cross-stitching and other little crafty projects. They share some how-to’s, projects they are working on and their progress. That’s not the cool part though. It takes months or even years to finish sufficiently large project so what they do most of the time is talking about any random and mundane things that happen in their lives.

They have a tight-knit community[1] - very supportive of each other. Subscribing to each other channels, commenting, encouraging, organizing cross-stitch marathons where they will gossip all day long - fantastic! I like it because it’s so hard to stumble upon something like this on the internet these days. Ads everywhere, clickbait titles, those annoying thumbnails with weird faces. Instead of that you have a group of people who just do what they love. A bit like the old internet I suppose?

There’s a similar group in the programming world - the Handmade Network. I’m not an active member but I do love checking out what other people are up to. I do love learning from others (e.g. most recently I found this post on serialization incredibly insightful). But most importantly I think it’s amazing to see a group of like-minded people who share their passion and knowledge without the focus on making money - I find it usually ruins all that is good.

If you happen to speak polish and would like to check out my wife’s YT channel, it’s there: Kwietniowa Babeczka.

[1] It’s polish YouTube, but I suppose it’s similar in english-speaking world or maybe money ruined that as well?