Hi everyone!

I’d like to announce a game I’ve been working on for the past 6 months: “The Three Gardeneers”.

Screenshot landing page
Our Landing page

It’s a 2-4 players local coop game, greatly inspired by games like Overcooked and Moving Out. The best gaming moments I ever had came from playing together with other people but I found that less competetive games are better for playing together with people who aren’t that good at games. In The Three Gardeneers you will take control over a number of gardener moles - you will have to keep the garden tidy and grow some fruits.

What’s unique is how you control characters. Each player can control any character at any time, press a button to switch to another one. However, each player can use only some of the available actions. Since these actions are split evenly between players, you will have to communicate well and cooperate to finish the level on time (yes, there’s a time limit!). So in a 3 player game, one player will be allowed to move right and up, another left and down and another will use character’s special abilities (yes, we have those!).

I have seen this mechanic originally used in a board game called Magic Maze but I believe it was never implemented in a video game, a lot of opportunities for interesting gameplay there. I hope you’re excited to learn more about the game - I will share more soon!

Graphics will get A COMPLETE REWORK in the future, however I hope this will be good enough for developing and testing the game over the next few months.

Screenshot game one

Screenshot game one

Please join our mailing list and contact me if you’re interested in the game - I will be looking for beta-testers in the near future.