The Internet

Search Engines





  • Z-Lib - Download books and articles




  • Handmade Hero - Programming a complete 3D game engine in C++. I recommend going through the first 30 or so episodes and then building your own thing. It changed the way approach programming completely.
  • Handmade Network - A community of people who like to build things from scratch.
  • Uncle Bob - just kidding, it’s sh*t
  • Jason Turner - if you are into C++ madness. I’m not into this anymore but otherwise it’s very informative.
  • Hacker News - One of the most annoying and pretentious crowds on the internet but nevertheless, it’s the best news website I’ve ever found
  • Suckless - Software (and other stuff) that sucks less.
  • Privacy Tools IO - Even if you’re not concerned about privacy, there’s a lot of good software in there.
  • NeoVim - Just do yourself a favour and start using it.

Programming languages

  • Odin - Better C but not better enough for me yet (I will share a post about it soon).
  • Zig - Super cool language but syntax is a huge barrier for me. It hurts to even look at it, I hope I will force myself to try it someday though.
  • Jai - Not officially released yet but there are regular development streams, I can’t wait to finally try it out.


  • History for Atheists - I’m a catholic but it’s still a good read. There’s too many stupid myths around, good to have a reliable source of infomation.

Ad free ways to browse internet:

  • Nitter - The only reasonable way to use Twitter (I believe there’s something similar for reddit but I don’t use it).
  • Piped - Browse YouTube.
  • FreeTube - Software for browsing YouTube (it’s early in development, very buggy).
  • Sadly there’s no good RSS feed readers for Windows.





I have nearly 400 games in my Steam library. Sadly I can’t recall many games which aren’t a pure waste of time. Sad, considering it’s probably the most powerful and versatile medium we have.


Unlike video games, this industry is full of creativity and interesting ideas. At least they respect players.

  • Carcassonne - The first board game that truly fascinated me.
  • Concordia - A bit more chunky strategy game.
  • Modern Art - Auction game.
  • Dixit - Party game for more creative types. – Stella: Dixit Universe - Similar cards, still a lot of fun but doesn’t ask so much of you (meaning it’s easier for less creative or shy people to enjoy).